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Termination Of The Parent-Child Relationship


The Texas Family Code provides for the Courts to order the termination of the parent child relationship if the court finds by clear and convincing evidence some of the following conditions as per the Texas Family Code section 161.001:

That a parent has:

Voluntarily left the child alone or in the possession […]

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Engagement agreements in family law cases.

Every client that hires my office for representation on a family law matter signs an “engagement contract” for legal services.   Clients often tell me that they want to read the entire 10 page contract before they sign off on it.   Often, they ask my staff – why do I have to sign this long […]

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What Is The Community Property Presumption?


When a client asks a question regarding how property is characterized by the Courts, it requires our attorneys to give clients a comprehensive explanation of how Texas Courts interpret separate and community property.

Property is generally characterized as either “separate” property or “community” property as of the time of the inception of title to the […]

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When Is Marital Property “Community Property” Or “Separate Property”?

The Barbosa Law Firm, P. C. represents numerous clients with issues involving property characterization which for the most part are misunderstood by the average litigant. Many times the case will involve complex and costly procedures tracing the assets on hand by the litigants at the time of divorce to attempt and establish the property […]

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Divorce Involving Fraud By A Spouse

Do you have actual fraud by a spouse against the community estate?
Under Texas law, a spouse commits fraud if that spouse transfers community property or expends community funds for the primary purpose of depriving the other spouse of the use and enjoyment of the assets involved in the transaction. Such fraud involves dishonesty of […]

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Grounds For Getting A Divorce In Texas

Do I need to prove fault to get a divorce in Texas?
As a Family Law Attorney in Dallas County, Texas, I am posed with questions regarding the grounds on which a person can get divorced in Texas. Typically, under the Texas Family Code, most divorces are granted on the grounds of “Insupportability”. So, on […]

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Protective Orders And Family Violence

What is “Family Violence” in Texas?
As a Family Law attorney in Dallas County, Texas, I am often confronted with questions, from clients who are going through a divorce or separation, regarding physical or emotional abuse from their spouse or domestic partner.   Many times, people do not know or understand what “family violence” entail or […]

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What does the 2nd Amendment mean to me in 2015?

Why is the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution more popular than ever?

As an attorney, questions are usually asked during conferences with clients regarding their rights to “arm” themselves and to what extent they have a 2nd Amendment right to arm themselves.   It is not a simply question to answer especially to a […]

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Texas “Open Carry” Law


As a Texan and a Family Law Attorney in Dallas County, we know how much Texans love their guns.   However, Texas has passed a number of bills that will have a significant impact on Texas gun owners and CHL licensees.

As of January 1, […]

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Family Law Regulations

How much of our legal system in the United States and in particular in the State of Texas is based on old English law especially the English Magna Carta.   As a family law attorney in Dallas, I deal with legal rulings that remind me of the old medieval courts. Family law is an area […]

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