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Health Insurance for the child in a divorce.

In many of the divorce cases that we handle,  the parties don’t have access to health care for the child or can not afford to purchase health insurance for the child.   Is health insurance required in a case involving a child or in a divorce case involving a child?   Yes, Courts will require that […]

Is a “parenting coordinator” good for my case?

What are my options if I anticipate possession problems after a Final Order?

In today society, parents often use their children as weapons against each other especially after the divorce or custody case has been adjudicated by a Court. So, you have a Court order awarding you possession rights with your child, and the other […]

Can’t locate my spouse in a divorce case.


A common inquiry with my office is for a divorce from the spouse; however, they can not find the spouse or do not know where the spouse is located. Fortunately, the law provides for a divorce by “posting” if the parties have no children […]


I have been practicing family law for over 30 years and a most common inquiry when contacted by a divorce future client is – All I want is a simple “cheap” divorce from my spouse!

Obviously everything is relative in this world of ours. However, I have always strived to offer divorce clients an option […]

Notice Requirements and Confidential Information in Court Orders.

Clients are concerned about including confidential information including social security numbers and/or driver’s license numbers in a final court order regarding the parent child relationship.  I do not include a child’s confidential information in the orders filed in our office unless the  of the child support office in the Court requires the information and […]

Petition for Primary Custody of a Child.

In a divorce action, both parties may petition the Court for primary or custodial custody of a child.   The Court will usually appoint one of the parents as the custodial parent.  Usually, that means that the parent shall have the exclusive right to determine the primary residence of the child and establish where the […]

Pick up and Return of children by the noncustodial parent.

Possession by a noncustodial parent is always a misunderstood matter in custody cases or in divorces involving children.   Parents must make sure they understand and discuss with their legal counsel the different options available to parents.

Are there general terms and conditions to the pick up and return of children by parents?

The court will order […]

Reimbursement Claims in a Divorce Case

An issue that is commonplace in a divorce case is when one party is requesting that their estate be reimbursed for payments made to community liabilities.  A major question asks by the parties is “what is reimbursement” and “how much can I get reimbursed”?

What does a claim for reimbursement include?

Reimbursement includes a) payment by […]

Spousal Support Basics.

DOES TEXAS HAVE ALIMONY?The Texas Family Code does provide for a person to request the Court to order spousal maintenance in a divorce proceeding. However, it is restricted and limited to circumstances as described below.In a suit for dissolution of a marriage or in a proceeding for maintenance in a court with personaljurisdiction over […]

Is there a quick divorce in Texas?

What is the faster I can get a divorce in Texas?

In todays world of conflict and stress,  a common question I get from clients is – how quickly can I get a divorce.   The answer I give my clients is that in Texas there is a 60 day cooling off period.   Therefore,  you will […]