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Dealing with an invalid marriage –

I am not sure if my marriage is valid?

What does the Texas law say about my marriage if it is a common law marriage?   In order to promote the public health and welfare and to provide the necessary records, the Texas Family Code specifies detailed rules to be followed in establishing the marriage relationship. […]


In many divorce cases,  especially child support cases, one of the parties will usually have the obligation to pay child support to the other party.   A question that arises when a party falls delinquent in child support payments is – can the other party get a lien on my assets?

A claimant may enforce child […]

Conservatorship in Texas

What is Joint Managing Conservatorship?

Subject to the prohibition in Section 153.004, unless the court finds that appointment of the parent or parents would not be in the best interest of the child because the appointment would significantly impair the child’s physical health or emotional development, a parent shall be appointed sole managing conservator or […]

Temporary Orders in Divorce cases

In divorce cases that we represent, clients are advised that the need to get in front of a judge to get the court to make temporary rulings on property, debt, and any other issues related to property, is very important to preserve community property as well as to have the rights to possession and […]

Custody Disputes

In divorce cases,  situations come up where the custody of a child is at issue and the case involves a child being taken out of the state or out of the country.  What can be done is governed by the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act under Chapter 152.101 of the Texas Family […]

Child Custody Evaluations in a Divorce Case

As a divorce attorney,  we represent parties going thru a divorce with issues such as property disputes, custody disputes, and other related issues.   One of the more stressful issues that divorcing parties encounter is the issue of conservatorship.

More specifically, who will have the primary custody of the child. It was commonly believed by most […]

COVID-19 and Marital Conflict

With the COVID-19 Pandemic causing more people to work from home, the potential for marital conflict appears to increase.  Most divorce and family law cases that our divorce practice takes, which involve that the Court intervene in the case, involve some type of personality or emotional conflict between the parties. This means that litigation […]

Common Child Support Questions:

As a divorce attorney,  clients will usually have the issue of child support to deal with if the divorce involves a child of the marriage.  The questions that mostly come up in the initial divorce conference is “how much do I have to pay” or “do I have to pay child support if we […]


The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused more people to remain at home for months causing issues that become more prevalent when people are cooped up inside sometimes with no employment.    Our divorce practice has seen more cases involving domestic violence and the need for persons to seek professional help in the form of protective orders.  […]


Is there an advantage to staying married?

As a divorce attorney,  I am amazed at people that call me to ask me if it is “good” for them to get a divorce during the COVID-19 Pandemic.   Every case is unique when it comes to “divorce or not divorce”.  There are situations where parties will benefit […]