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Protective Orders in Family Law Cases and Possession of Firearms

As a Texan and a Family Law Attorney in the city of Dallas and its county, we know how much Texans love their guns.   However, Texas has passed a number of bills that have a significant impact on Texas gun owners and CHL licensees.

Texans are able to “open-carry” a handgun such that is it […]

Can I divorce my “crazy” spouse?

The family law cases that Barbosa Family Law, P. C. handles, which involve that the Court intervenes in the case, involve some type of personality or emotional conflict between the parties. This means that litigation becomes protracted and the cost of the litigation becomes burdensome to the parties. Unfortunately, most of the attorneys involved […]

How Can I Get A Cheap, Fast, And Final Divorce?

My office has been representing all types of people in Texas courts for almost 30 years. I filed my first divorce in San Antonio, Texas in 1988.  The woman wanting a divorce called me the day I opened my office in San Antonio, Texas and asked me how much a divorce would cost her.  […]

Do I Need A Divorce For A Common Law Marriage?

At The Barbosa Law Firm, P. C., our legal staff gets inquiries almost daily regarding questions of whether or not an individual needs to get a divorce from a “common law marriage”.  Most people refer to marriage without the formality of a license issued by the county or without the authority of a church […]

What If My Child Wants To Testify In Court Regarding Custody?

At the Barbosa Law Firm, P. C., we represent individuals involved in divorces with children, paternity suits, and petitions to establish parental rights among other family law and civil law cases.   Most of the cases that involve children, defined as an individual under the age of 18, the parents or guardians of the children […]

Same-sex Marriage and Divorce in Texas

As a family law attorney in Texas,  I constantly get individuals asking me if they can get a same-sex divorce.   And the answer to them is always – Yes!

Since the Supreme Court case in Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015,  the Supreme Court held that same-sex couples may exercise the fundamental right to marry in […]

Payroll Deduction for Child Support

Is payroll deduction used to collect child support?
In most cases where child support is ordered by the Court,  your child support payments will be deducted using a payroll deduction with your employer.   In any proceeding in which periodic payments of child support are ordered, modified, or enforced, the family courts will order that the […]

Texas Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance in Texas Family Law:
Can I get Alimony?
This is a question that is asked by many of our clients when they first make contact with Barbosa Family Law, P. C.   I find that most parties that are asking about spousal maintenance or spousal alimony do not understand the basic concept of the issue […]

Family Law And Domestic Violence


As an attorney with the Barbosa Law Firm, P. C. and a Family Law attorney in Dallas County, Texas, I am often confronted with questions, from clients who are going through a divorce or separation, regarding physical or emotional abuse from their spouse or domestic partner.   Many times, […]

The 2nd Amendment and Family Law


As an attorney, questions are usually asked during family law conferences with clients regarding their rights to “arm” themselves and to what extent they have a 2nd Amendment right to arm themselves.   It is not a simply question to answer especially to a person not familiar with the US Constitution and its interpretations.

However, a […]