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Must I Conduct “Discovery” in my Divorce Case?

One of the most costly processes in any case especially a divorce case is the cost of drafting and responding to “discovery”.   Most clients do not even know what discovery is and much less what it entails and the substantial costs associated with discovery.

In general, the rules in Texas have permissible forms of discovery […]

Spousal Maintenance and Contractual Alimony

Is there “alimony” in Texas is a common question by clients in our offices who are pursuing a divorce action.  What we always explain to our clients is that there is spousal maintenance in Texas; however, it is not what they expect it to be.

Texas Courts may order spousal maintenance at the time of […]

Can I change my name in a Divorce action?

We represent a lot of clients in divorce actions in Texas Family Law Courts.  The majority of the female clients inquire about changing their names or restoring their name to their former surname.   In other cases,  we have clients that are not involved in a divorce action and request to change their names as […]

Want to appeal your family law case?

Most litigants are not happy with a Court’s ruling especially when a contested custody or property case is presented to a family law judge in Texas.

How much time do I have to file a Motion for a New Trial.   A motion for a new trial must be filed before or within 30 days after […]

Is my marriage valid?

Clients come into our offices complaining that they did not divorce their previous marriage before getting married again to another person.   Their question is – is my current marriage valid?   The answer is usually an unequivocal “No”.   In general,  a person can not be married to 2 persons at the same time.

In order to […]

Establishing my parental rights?

In Texas,  issues arise when 2 people proceed to have a child without the protection of a marital relationship.   Under the Texas Family Code, Section 160.201, establishment of the Parent-Child Relationship, the mother-child relationship is established between a woman and a child by the woman giving birth to the child, an adjudication of the […]

Spousal Maintenance in Texas

In any suit for divorce in Texas or in a proceeding for maintenance in a Court with personal jurisdiction over both former spouses following the dissolution of their marriage by a court that lacked personal jurisdiction over an absent spouse,  the Court may order maintenance for either spouse only if the spouse seeking maintenance […]

Modification of the Parent-Child Relationship

The issue of a party having increased expenses to exercise their visitation rights is a common occurrence in Texas.   Usually the increased expense is the result of a party moving to a different location and causing a change of address and in turn an increased expense for the other parent to visit the children.

Under […]

What do I need to start a divorce?

At our law firm,  we meet with thousands of individuals consulting about many legal matters; however, a common conference is to discuss filing for divorce.   Most of the time,  we speak with our clients on the phone for the first time to let them know what information we need when they meet with one […]

Can I be jailed for nonpayment of child support?

A major problem for parties who either fall behind on child support payments; or, in the alternative do not pay their court-ordered child support, is for the Court or the oblige to file an enforcement action against the obligor for nonpayment of court-ordered child support.  And, yes, a person can be jailed in Texas […]