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Is there an advantage to staying married?

As a divorce attorney,  I am amazed at people that call me to ask me if it is “good” for them to get a divorce during the COVID-19 Pandemic.   Every case is unique when it comes to “divorce or not divorce”.  There are situations where parties will benefit […]

Grounds for Divorce in Texas

What do I need to prove to get a divorce in Texas?

As a Divorce  Attorney in Dallas County, Texas, I am posed with questions regarding the grounds on which a person can get divorced in Texas. Typically, under the Texas Family Code, most divorces are granted on the grounds of “Insupportability”. So, on filing […]


As a divorce attorney in Dallas County, Texas, child support is one of those issues which is misunderstood by a lot of divorcing persons in Texas.   It is commonly thought that child support can be avoided if the parties can agree to waive child support or have a separate agreement for child support outside […]

Holiday Possession Schedules for the NonCustodial Parent

During these times of COVID-19,  divorced parents exercising possession of children are having difficulties in many situations regarding the possession of children during the pandemic.  As a general rule,  the parent with possession rights has the rights of possession as if no pandemic existed.   The rights of possession of a parent are not affected […]


Most divorces that come thru our office involve children and directly related to a divorce with children is the issue of child support. The typical conservatorship in a divorce case in Texas courts will involve one of the parents being appointed as the custodial parent and the other being appointed as the noncustodial parent. […]

Can A Grandparent Seek Conservatorship in a Divorce Case.

As a divorce attorney in Dallas County, Texas we are confronted with situations where either the paternal or maternal grandparents seek to intervene in a divorce case involving children.  Even though as a divorce attorney  we represent one of the parents,  issues arise in many cases where the parents are not pursuing the best […]

Possession Orders For Parents who Reside Over 100 Miles from their Children

As a divorce attorney,  the vast majority of our divorce cases involve children.  When the divorce case involves children, there will without fail be a situation where one parent is awarded a Standard Possession Schedule providing for access and possession when the parents reside over 100 miles apart.  Even though, a Standard Possession Order, […]

Possession of a Child Upon Divorce.

One of the most common issues we encounter as divorce lawyers is the issue of possession and custody of a child after parents are divorced.

Do we need to have a schedule for seeing my child?

No, parents after a separation or a divorce do not have to abide and follow a schedule where as to […]

Using a Protective Order in a Divorce Case

Will the Police be aware of the Protective Order?

The downside of going thru a divorce in Texas is that occasionally,  one of the parties will seek and get a judge to issue a protective order against the other party.  A protective order will be registered with law enforcement agencies once it is rendered by […]

Can I get married in Texas like in Las Vegas?

Does Texas require a marriage license?

As  divorce attorneys, we are asked if a person’s marriage is valid because they believe that their marriage was not based on a valid license or a qualified person to perform the marriage.

A license is required in Texas in order for people to be legally married.  If a marriage […]