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Is My Property Mine to Keep in a Divorce?

What is “separate” property in Texas?
Many times the cases we accept in our office at The Barbosa Law Firm, P. C. will involve complex and costly procedures tracing the assets on hand by the litigants at the time of divorce to attempt and establish the property as either community property or a party’s separate […]

Can I Afford To Divorce My Spouse?

How Can I Get a Low-Cost Divorce?
Answer:   If you and your spouse can come into our office with agreements regarding your property division and debt division, we can generally provide you with a divorce in Dallas County, Texas for less than $1,000.  If you have children, generally the fees are higher by about $600.   […]

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Modification Of Custody

We often get calls from potential clients requesting that their custody order or possession order be modified for different reasons.  Our response is usually the standard response and that being that a custody or possession order once signed by a court is not the easiest order to modify.

We will try to explain to clients […]

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How Can I Get Child Support From The Other Parent?

Barbosa Family Law, P. C. handles child support cases as well as any other family law case.   We receive many calls from persons wanting to get child support from the other parent.   A lot of times, the persons are not married to each other; however, they have had a child.  Without the persons being […]

What If I Want “Full Custody” Of My Child?

At Barbosa Family Law, P. C., our attorneys get a very common request from clients – I want “full custody” of my child.   Usually, clients do not understand the way Texas family courts address the issue of custody or conservatorship.   Most cases which involve a child have a common ruling when it involves the […]

Do Texas Family Courts Order Geographic Restrictions?

What do I need to do if I am the custodial parent seeking to relocate out-of-state with my child?
If your family court order includes a geographic restriction on your child’s primary residence, you MUST file a modification action with the court of continuing jurisdiction under the Texas Family Code section 156.102.  Texas courts are […]

Do I Need A Family Lawyer To Get A Divorce?

The general public does not believe how expensive it is to get a divorce in Texas.   There is no free filing of a divorce petition in Texas.   Unless you file a sworn statement of “inability to pay court fees”,  you will incur initial fees of approximately $300 to file a divorce in Dallas County, […]

Can I file for an “uncontested” “no fault” divorce in Texas Courts?

As a Family Law Attorney in Dallas County, Texas, I am asked questions regarding the grounds on which a person can get divorced in Texas. Typically, under the Texas Family Code, most divorces are granted on the grounds of “insupportability”, or what we call “uncontested”. So, on filing a petition by either party to […]

Protective Orders in Family Law Cases and Possession of Firearms

As a Texan and a Family Law Attorney in the city of Dallas and its county, we know how much Texans love their guns.   However, Texas has passed a number of bills that have a significant impact on Texas gun owners and CHL licensees.

Texans are able to “open-carry” a handgun such that is it […]

Can I divorce my “crazy” spouse?

The family law cases that Barbosa Family Law, P. C. handles, which involve that the Court intervenes in the case, involve some type of personality or emotional conflict between the parties. This means that litigation becomes protracted and the cost of the litigation becomes burdensome to the parties. Unfortunately, most of the attorneys involved […]