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Why is my uncontested divorce taking more than 60 days to finalize?

Finalizing a divorce in today’s COVID-19 Pandemic is unpredictable as to when a judge will sign your Final Decree of Divorce.  Whether you have an uncontested divorce with all parties signing off on the Agreed Final Decree of Divorce or a contested divorce that involved a trial,  the time which it normally takes to […]

Can Divorce regulations change in Texas?

The right to vote has become a center point in the recent months especially with so much finger pointing at groups and politicians accusing each other of voter tampering. The right to vote has gone through several manifestations since our finding fathers drafted the United States Constitution. Each state is given broad authority on […]

Do I return my wedding ring in a Divorce?

Can my spouse make a gift to me?

Section 3.005 of the Texas Family Code provides that if 1 spouse makes a gift of property to the other spouse, the gift is presumed to include all the income and property that may arise from that property.

In the case of Maldonado v. Maldonado, 556 S.W.3d 407 […]

Does Texas Require a Marriage License? Yes.

Does a marriage license expire?

Yes, a marriage license in Texas expires if the marriage ceremony has not been conducted before the 90th day after a person gets the marriage license.

Who can perform the marriage ceremony?

Only certain persons are authorized to conduct a marriage ceremony in Texas.  The following persons may conduct the ceremony:

(1) a […]

Is my property at risk in a Divorce?

Is my personal property protected from creditors in a Divorce?In Texas, people going thru a divorce or just worried about losing their property can be assured that the Texas legislature has the power and the duty to protect from legal taking or forced sale of certain portion of their personal property of any family, […]

Getting a divorce during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

When COVID-19 and the regulations and fears of the pandemic hit last year,  I believed that my divorce practice would have to close.  The repercussions to a divorce practice were unknown.  Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perception of divorce, my office has been inundated with cases with people just wanting to get out […]

When is a Child not a Child under Texas Family Law.

During these times of COVID-19 Pandemic,  divorce attorneys are answering all types of questions regarding the family unit, divorce, and minors involved in a divorce.   A not too common inquiry that we as divorce attorneys get in our family law practice is the question of removing the “disabilities of minority” of a minor.  The […]

Getting a divorce during COVID-19.

Do I need to appear in Court in the Courts are closed?

As a Family Law Attorney in Dallas County, Texas, during these COVID-19 pandemic emergency, I am posed with questions regarding how “am I going to get divorced with COVID-19 closing all the Courts?”   Fortunately,  the grounds on which a person can get divorced […]

Change of Name of a Child

In family law cases, a parent may change the name of a child.  However, certain requirements apply and consents may be required by the other parent.

What are the requirements for a child’s name to be changed?

A petition to change the name of a child must be verified and include:

(1) the present name and place […]

Separate or Community Property in a Texas Divorce.

What is my separate property in a divorce case?

Divorce clients will have questions about what is considered their separate property verses what is considered community property.  Persons going thru a divorce should understand that not all property is presumed to be community property if evidence can be presented to a trier of fact regarding […]