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Paternity Issues in a Divorce Proceeding

What if I get pregnant during a divorce case and my spouse is not the biological father?

The first bit of advice we provide our clients is that he or she may not be able to finalize the divorce until the child is born and there is an execution of an Acknowledgement of Paternity.

What is […]


Who can file for a name change for a child?

A parent, managing conservator, or guardian of a child may file a petition requesting a change of name of the child in the county where the child resides.

Does the Court appoint an attorney ad litem?

A court is not required to appoint a guardian ad litem […]

FAQ about Divorce in Texas:

As a divorce attorney in Dallas County, Texas, the following are the most commonly asked questions our clients inquire about when calling my office and inquiring about getting a divorce. The following answers will hopefully help you if a divorce is in your near future:

How long does a divorce take?

There is […]

Premarital Agreements, yea or nay?

The Uniform Premarital Agreement Act defines the conditions that must be met for an effective and legally binding premarital agreement.   The common thinking with people that have not consulted legal counsel, is that a premarital agreement can be written up and signed by the parties without legal counsel representing each of the parties to […]

What is a De Novo hearing?

In Dallas County,   most of the cases that we initiate in family law involve a Temporary Orders hearing with the associate judge presiding over the hearing.  In cases where one of the parties does not believe to have gotten a fair ruling,  the party has the right to appeal the ruling or recommendation of […]

Joinder of SAPCR with Divorce case.

A common question asked by clients is whether they can proceed with their child support and/or custody case separately from a divorce case.   No.   The case involving support or possession must be joined with the divorce case.  In most cases the client has already gone thru the Texas Attorney General’s Office and has an […]

Can I stop my spouse from divorcing me?

My law practice has been representing individuals seeking and defending divorces for over 30 years. The most common inquiry we get everyday is whether or not they can file a divorce.

In Texas, a person can legally file for divorce with or without fault. Essentially, what most persons allege when […]

Child Custody Modification and Jurisdiction

One of the most common questions we get in my office is “where am I able to file for emergency child custody or child custody modification?  Usually, if the parties reside in Texas, a court of this state has the jurisdiction to make an initial child custody determination if  this state is the home […]

Health Insurance for the child in a divorce.

In many of the divorce cases that we handle,  the parties don’t have access to health care for the child or can not afford to purchase health insurance for the child.   Is health insurance required in a case involving a child or in a divorce case involving a child?   Yes, Courts will require that […]

Is a “parenting coordinator” good for my case?

What are my options if I anticipate possession problems after a Final Order?

In today society, parents often use their children as weapons against each other especially after the divorce or custody case has been adjudicated by a Court. So, you have a Court order awarding you possession rights with your child, and the other […]