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Protective Orders 101

In today’s environment where law enforcement may not be as responsive as you may expect, a person should be aware of the protections that a Protective Order may provide.   No protective order is going to be one percent effective or protect a person from the malfeasance of another person especially in a divorce or […]

How is my child support calculated?

In today’s economy, the non-custodial parent in a SAPCR or a divorce case is generally obligated to pay guideline child support and provide health insurance including dental insurance. The obligation can be high and usually creates a financial situation with the non-custodial or obligor that requires a lot of adaptation of his/her budget especially […]

The Reality of Divorce

I am a divorce Attorney in Dallas, Texas.    In today’s fast and furious life style, I have seen that opportunities for individuals to violate their vows of marriage occur more often in individual’s lives.   The internet has made it so easy for individuals to seeks companionship and sex under the fake cloak of the […]

Paternity Issues in a Texas Divorce

In many of the divorce cases that my office accepts, a child has been born during the marriage where the husband is not the biological parent. Usually the mother is not sure about how the matter is handled in a divorce proceedings. It is surprising that in many of the cases, the mother does […]

Can a Marriage be voided in Texas?

There is a distinction between a Petition to Declare a Marriage Void and a Petition for Annulment of a Marriage.  Clients usually have to be informed that they do not have an absolute option to choose.

How do I know if I have the option to have a marriage declared “Void”?

One of the grounds is […]

Separate or Community Property in a Divorce Case.

As part of my representation of parties in a divorce proceeding,  the question often comes up as to what property is part of the marriage and what part of the property is not.   The answer is not always clear.   Parties tend to commingle and combine assets to a point that the distinction between separate […]

Grandparent Rights

Unfortunately, in today’s world, grandparents are faced with situations involving their grand children which make them petitioners in cases involving grand children and conservatorship. We are regularly called by grandparents who believe that they should be able to seek primary conservatorship of their grand children due to the actions of the child’s parent or […]

Misconceptions of Common Law Marriage

Do we have a common law marriage?

I must get at least one call every day from persons claiming they have a “common law marriage” and wish to fight for property or fight for custody of children.   The general belief of most persons is that if they are living together for 6 months that they […]

Divorce Questions 101

IS MY MARRIAGE VALID?In order to promote the public health and welfare and to provide the necessary records, the Texas Family Code specifies detailed rules to be followed in establishing the marriage relationship. However, in order to provide stability for those entering in to the marriage relationship in good faith and to provide for […]

Child Support in 50/50 Possession cases

Do I have to pay child support if we have a 50/50 possession?This is a common question that I get from many of my clients. The answer is yes and no. Even with a 50/50 possession schedule, one of the parties will have to be the parent with the primary and exclusive right to […]