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Can I get married in Texas like in Las Vegas?

Does Texas require a marriage license?

As  divorce attorneys, we are asked if a person’s marriage is valid because they believe that their marriage was not based on a valid license or a qualified person to perform the marriage.

A license is required in Texas in order for people to be legally married.  If a marriage […]



This is a question that is asked by many of our Divorce clients when they first make contact with Barbosa Family Law, P. C.   Our divorce law firm finds that most parties that are asking about spousal maintenance or spousal alimony do not understand the basic concept of the issue […]


How do I know if I have a “common law” marriage?

As a divorce attorney,  we get inquiries regarding whether or not a person is married through the informal marriage process commonly referred to as a “common law” marriage.

In any situation where a common law marriage is alleged,  there must be proof of the marital […]

Do I need a Marriage License to Marry Someone in Texas?

Is my marriage valid because I did not use a judge to marry us?

As a divorce attorney,  we are confronted with situations involving a presumed marital relationship that question the person who conducted the ceremony.   Who is allowed to marry a person in Texas is a common question as a practicing divorce attorney.

Under section […]

Prenuptial Agreement or Premarital Agreement?

What is a Premarital Agreement?

Most of our divorce clients often contact our divorce practice to ask us about a “prenuptial agreement” more commonly known in the legal system as a “premarital agreement”.   A lot of confusion is usually seen when a request for our divorce attorneys to draft up a prenuptial agreement.

Must I be […]


What if I am the custodial parent in a Divorce case and I  have to relocate  with my child?

If your divorce case in family court the judge orders  a geographic restriction on your child’s primary residence, you MUST file a modification action with the court of continuing jurisdiction under the Texas Family Code section […]

Can I get an Uncontested Divorce during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Can I get a Divorce during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

I am a Divorce Attorney in Dallas County, Texas.  My Divorce Law Practice gets questions regarding the grounds on which a person can get divorced in Texas during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Typically, under the Texas Family Code, most divorces are granted on the grounds of “Insupportability”. […]

How does the COVID-19 Pandemic effect my Possession Schedule with my child?

What do I do about the possession schedule with my child during the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration?

As a Divorce Attorney, we represent many clients who have a Divorce Decree with provisions for access and possession of children by both conservators.   The current pandemic has created may questions because of the fact that most schools are […]

Can I get custodial rights as a Father in Texas Courts?

What if I get joint custody?

What does Joint Custody mean?  Well, it does not mean that you and the other parent will have equal time with the child?  The answer, as a divorce attorney, will give you is for the most part – NO. This is a question in most divorces that we get […]

Divorce and Property Rights in Texas Courts

As a divorce attorney during these times with COVID-19 Emergency Declarations, our divorce practice still represents numerous clients with issues involving property characterization which for the most part are misunderstood by the average litigant. Many times the case will involve complex and costly procedures tracing the assets on hand by the litigants at the […]